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Pharmacy Security | Why It Matters

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

San Ramon, CA Pharmacy Burglary Foiled Thanks to Sentry Alarm

Recently, a burglar approached a local San Ramon pharmacy on a clear mission. Pharmacy burglars, like this one, aren’t looking for money. Their main goal is to obtain narcotics, and they’re willing to go to extreme measures to get them. You’ve probably seen videos where burglars will cut a hole in a pharmacy’s roof and drop into the store or try to bust through glass front doors with baseball bats. Armed robbers will even hold up a store full of people; risking lives to get what they want. And it can happen to any pharmacy, anywhere, and at any time.

The Problem is Serious

According to the Office of National Drug Policy, prescription drugs are the second most abused category of drugs in the United States. The CDC calls prescription drug abuse an epidemic. Prescription drugs are exceptionally valuable and have a quick turnaround on the street, making pharmacies a prime target for crime.

Rx robbery pattern analysis tracking company and national database Rx Patrol reports 5,088 robberies and 2,549 burglaries as of May 28, 2020 since it began tracking the data. Due to the limited data from voluntary reports, the actual numbers of pharmacy burglaries and robberies are likely much higher. Even with limited data, it’s clear pharmacy owners must have a clear plan to protect their business.

The Event

On Friday, May 22, 2020 at nearly 4:00 am, a glass break detector triggered an alarm event at a pharmacy in San Ramon. The law enforcement agency was quickly dispatched to the location and chased down the suspect. Police apprehended and arrested the suspect within minutes.

Fortunately, other than the broken glass, there were no damages or losses thanks to the pharmacy having a multi-faceted security system and robust video surveillance system along with alarm monitoring. A secure physical environment is the first line of defense in pharmacy security, and something as important as protecting controlled substances.

Securing Sensitive Environments

  • Use high-resolution cameras with analytics

  • Use cameras overtly and covertly

  • Install a comprehensive security system

  • Employ intrusion detection

  • Limit access to designated sensitive areas

  • Use professional monitoring

With offices in Monterey, Oakland, Sacramento, and Sonora, Sentry Alarm is a true "one-stop" shop in meeting ALL of our client's life safety and private property protection needs. For more information, contact us today!


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