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Organizations today face a myriad of security challenges. Managing the access of authorized persons into a facility can be a major concern. Let Sentry Alarm provide you with an access control and/or identity management solution to suit your specific needs. 


The hospitality industry requires robust and flexible access control to facilitate guest services. Sentry Alarm provides complete access control solutions that provide guarded access to rooms, cards, safes, and other valuable assets while enhancing operations. Safeguard, control, and manage one facility or many — simply.


Sentry Alarm meets the high demands of healthcare security with advanced technology-driven access control solutions. Control access to the facility, rooms, and storage areas; easily track movements of drugs and equipment, and have a complete audit trail with a solution that meets your unique challenges.


The retail industry is fraught with risk. Sentry Alarm offers retailers a secure, reliable, cost-effective and scalable access control solution. Improve safety, reduce loss, and improve efficiencies with our complete access control solutions.


At Sentry Alarm, we understand that owning or managing commercial, public, and industrial facilities means having the right tools to ensure safety, control processes optimally, and controlling access efficiently. We support your facility with fully integrated access control systems that let you do security right.

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