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Happy Independence Day from Sentry Alarm!

I’ve been blessed to have opportunities to travel the world, both professionally and personally. Although the people I’ve encountered worldwide are usually quite warm and hospitable and their countries quite majestic and breathtaking to see, I've always returned home thankful that I was born and raised in the United States. If it wasn't for our forefathers' inspiring unwavering and fully committed belief that there should be a land in the world filled with hope, freedom, endless opportunity, and less government intrusion in our daily lives… I shudder to think what our country and the rest of the world would be like today.

God Bless America and all of her imperfections. May He continue to guide us and shape us into the beacon of light we historically have been both here and abroad. And from all of us at Sentry, as we celebrate this Independence Day together, may your lives continually be richly blessed by everything good with America.

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