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Investing in Commercial Video Surveillance? Indoor, Outdoor, or Both?

Every business needs video surveillance but not every business has the kind of budget that large corporations have for both indoor and outdoor video surveillance. Fortunately, they don’t have to. Today, technologies are so advanced and affordable that it is completely possible to have a comprehensive video surveillance system that covers every inch of the property if you have the right strategy.

You Do Not Need to Choose

Many businesses recognize their need for video surveillance but elect to spend on either indoor or outdoor cameras, or both only limitedly, thinking that a system that covers both is likely out of reach. That may have been true years ago when the price of technologies was prohibitive, but today affordable components are readily available making big-ticket systems affordable to the masses.

Businesses today do not need to choose between coverage, they only need to decide whether or not they need it to protect their people, products, and processes.

Deter Crime

The first and most common reason for using both indoor and outdoor video cameras is in deterring crime. When used indoors, it can deter crimes like shoplifting and incidents of fraud. Outdoor cameras serve as a huge deterrent in things like theft and vandalism. Would-be criminals perceive a greater risk of being seen, identified, and caught if they feel they are being watched.

Monitor the Property

Another advantage to having both indoor and outdoor video surveillance cameras is that it allows you to monitor activities such as deliveries, or crowd gathering, and identify suspicious behavior.

Proof of Crime

If a crime were to occur, having the right technologies in place makes capturing clear images to provide law enforcement possible. In court, they can provide the evidence needed for conviction.

Boost Profitability

Having comprehensive video surveillance increases profitability in many ways. In addition to reducing loss due to shoplifting and theft, it also increases productivity, helps you spot and defend against incidences of fraud, and provides priceless business intelligence.

Improved Safety

Having oversight makes all of us work smarter and more safely, even when the oversight is provided by video surveillance. Additionally, customers and employees all feel safer when they can identify security technologies in place throughout a property. Feeling safe offers a better working environment and a better shopping experience.

Affordable Video Surveillance

Even with a limited budget, it is possible to have comprehensive indoor and outdoor surveillance to cover your business. A knowledgeable professional can help identify the right technologies to serve the widest functions to meet your needs, maximizing your security spend.

If you have any questions about how to maximize your video surveillance budget, give us a call today!

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Joshua Davies
Joshua Davies
18 de out. de 2023

I was concerned about the security of my new home, and Locksmith Portland company came to the rescue with a fantastic CCTV installation. Their team explained the whole system to me and made sure I was comfortable with using it. I now have 24/7 video surveillance to protect my family and property.

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