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How to Utilize Physical Security Systems During COVID-19

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, physical security systems can provide critical situational awareness and increased operational efficiencies as well as ensure local, state, and federal compliances needed for business continuity and minimizing the possibility of the spread of illness. Businesses leverage video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, and monitoring for the protection of assets, people counting, behavior monitoring, elevated body temperature detection, and more.

Three Different Types of Physical Security System Technology That Can Help Your Business During a Pandemic

Video Surveillance

One of the most versatile physical security tools during a crisis is video surveillance. With the advancement in analytic technologies, the right video surveillance technology can help your business stay in compliance with features such as people counting. Some cameras are equipped with elevated body temperature detection so businesses can detect individuals who are potentially sick before they enter the building and pull them aside for healthgrade screenings. Video surveillance can also help monitor employees for safe, low or no-contact practices that reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Access Control

Access control technologies are also highly beneficial in ensuring that only authorized and healthy individuals access particular areas. For example, in restaurants, some employees may be front facing to customers and have limited or no access to food prep areas. This limits the possibility of exposure to illness. Access control can also play a part in people counting to ensure that safe numbers are kept within the space.

Intrusion Detection

Keeping products safe from theft and from unwanted tampering is more important than ever. With staff reduction and modified hours of operation, it is also more difficult than ever. Intrusion detection and alarm monitoring help ensure the safety of your products, facilities and proprietary information around the clock.

Do you have questions about how to utilize physical security during COVID-19 and beyond? Contact us today!


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