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Think Access Control is a Business Extra? Think Again.

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

No business owner thinks that they can run a business without adequate security measures and not suffer serious and costly repercussions like theft or vandalism. Doing so is a lot like leaving your door wide open and unguarded 24/7, and nobody would do that and expect to be profitable. Yet, what many business owners do not understand is that not having a cost-effective access control system is not just a failure to protect the business. It is also a sure way to hurt the business.

Here’s why that’s true.

You Are Not Adequately Protecting Your Business Against Loss

Providing unrestricted access to all parts of your business results in loss. Providing unrestricted access is the same as providing open access which means a huge potential for doors to be left open to thieves. It also means an increased opportunity for things like employee theft. Access control helps ensure that all access points are secured and only used by authorized persons.

You Lose Out on Vital Information

Access control provides valuable business insights that you can use to help improve productivity and processes, such as who is where, and when. It can also provide key collaboration in dispute resolution.

You Increase Preventable Repair Costs

With tradition lock and key systems, it is impossible to prevent unauthorized key duplication and distribution. This means it is impossible to really control who can get into the facility to cause damage or loss. It also means that every time a disgruntled former employee walks away with a duplicated key it becomes necessary to rack up huge costs rekeying locks to keep the business secure.

You Increase Your Risks

Not having a commercial access control system also means that your business is at increased risk for fraud, workplace violence, and more. And most insurance companies take note of that.

You Miss Out On Attracting the Best Employees

Today’s employees are not just looking for a job. They are also looking for the right place to work. A recent study shows that one of today's measures is whether or not an enterprise has and can support a wide expanse of technologies, including security technologies. A recent survey conducted by Workthere found that how a business implements technology and the technologies used are the top things that impact their choice in where they work. It found that 25% of employees would pass over a business that did not invest in an impressive tech spec, including security. Another 24% said they would look for a new job is their place of employment did not invest in these technologies over time. You can be sure that those hires are checking out all of your technologies.

Commercial access control is not an extra. It is essential for today’s successful business. Don’t wait to secure your business! Call us today!

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