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Common Commercial Physical Security Threats And How to Combat Them

No two businesses are alike but every business shares one commonality-- physical security risks. Many of those risks are shared across every business, no matter the size or industry. For business owners and facility managers, this means becoming highly educated about the threats and vulnerabilities as well as the solutions.

Top Physical Security Threats in Commercial and Retail Environments

  • Theft-- Internal theft such as employee theft, and external theft, such as shoplifting or burglary are huge risks for businesses today. In addition to the theft of physical property, criminals also target information, which makes the physical protection of IT systems important.

  • Fraud-- Because most businesses are open to the public and have employees, they are highly susceptible to false claims of injury or damage. The claims are expensive to fight, regardless of the outcome.

  • Vandalism-- Acts of vandalism can be caused by disgruntled employees, unhappy customers, or by those just looking to perpetrate a crime. Vandalism is costly to remediate and also damages the reputation of the business.

  • Environmental threats-- Fire is one of the top physical security threats facing a business. Kitchens and kitchen appliances are often to blame, but arson is another common cause of fire in commercial properties.

Why Incidents Happen

The vast majority of incidents happen because of vulnerabilities in the businesses security system or overall security plan. Criminals look for weakness to exploit, and will wherever they are found. With the right security measures in place to address common weaknesses, it is possible to reduce the number of incidents, minimize damage, and even make it possible to catch and prosecute perpetrators.

Common Weaknesses Contributing to Incidents

A lack of access control protecting high target areas such as storage, IT, or production.

Highly trafficked public spaces not adequately covered by video surveillance.

Improperly maintained fire equipment.

A good security strategy includes measures and devices that enable detection, assessment, and response. For instance, an alarm system could serve as a detection tool, a CCTV camera helps to assess a situation, and professional monitoring allows emergency personnel to intervene at the earliest possible moment. To discuss how to customize commercial physical security strategies for your business, call Sentry Alarm today!

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Ferenc Davies
Ferenc Davies
23 mai 2023

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