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Choosing the Right Commercial Fire Sprinkler System | Wet, Dry, Preaction, Deluge

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Choosing the right commercial fire sprinkler system is an important process in developing a fire, life safety, and security system to protect your business, employees, and customers. While at first glance it may seem to be a simple process, commercial sprinkler systems and their application are very complex. A considerable amount of research and testing goes into their design and implementation which is regulated by NFPA 13 Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems. Before you invest, it is helpful to know some Commercial fire system basics.

Sprinkler System Types

Automated sprinkler systems will detect fire, initiate alarm, and begin discharging water within minutes after a flaming fire erupts and begins to grow. Today, there are several different types of sprinkler systems available in the industry to accomplish this goal.

Wet Pipe Sprinklers

In wet pipe sprinkler systems, water is constantly maintained throughout. When a fire activates the system, water is immediately discharged from the activated sprinkler. This is the most common type of system.

Dry Pipe Sprinkler

In a dry pipe sprinkler system, air or nitrogen is maintained throughout the piping system. Upon activation, the air or nitrogen is discharged from the system which reduces the pressure allowing water to flow shortly after from the activated system. This system is most commonly used in applications where there is a possibility of pipes freezing.

Pre-Action Sprinklers

Pre-action sprinkler systems are commonly used in areas sensitive to water damage. A Pre-action system works much like a dry system. The system is pressurized with air or nitrogen. However, the pre-action system has a second element before it activates, normally a smoke detector or heat detector. It requires both loss of pressure due to a broken head AND the detector to activate before it allows water into the system. This ensures a state of emergency before water is delivered.

Deluge Sprinklers

Deluge sprinklers are used in high hazard situations and discharge high amounts of water all at once from every sprinkler. Because of this deluge systems require a strong water supply.

Commercial fire sprinkler systems come in many types and each are fit for different purposes. To learn more about what system is right for your business, give Sentry a call today!

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