5 Essential Commercial Security Questions You Didn’t Know How To Ask

In uncertain times, businesses have many questions they need answers to. When it comes to your business, there might be questions at the top of your mind, but maybe you didn’t know how to ask them.

1. What if I can‘t afford a big, costly solution because I am a small business?

There are all kinds of great solutions with price points that can fit any business’s budget. Working with a professional security provider can help you evaluate your needs and choose solutions that fit your needs. You might come to find your security needs are simple, and those inexpensive solutions will meet them. A good provider will only provide your business with precisely what it needs - they shouldn’t try to upsell you something you don’t need.

2. Will a standardized security solution meet my unique business and infrastructure needs?

A run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter security solution could very well work for some folks. However, a professional security specialist knows that there aren’t any one-size-fits-all solutions. An expert security provider can evaluate your business needs and set you up with a custom solution. Remember, the reliable security system is multifaceted in that it will include interfacing digital video and access control solutions that make up a top-of-the-line intrusion detection solution. Security professionals can customize these systems to include unique features like specialized building plans, remote access, and management, programmed hours of operation, levels of access, and so much more.

3. Do free security systems have a catch?

There are usually too many to keep track of. While there are endless companies out there who will claim to offer you those one-size-fits-all solutions at “little to no cost to you,” these solutions generally lack in quality, efficiency, and reliability - and they’re never truly free. Stop and think about it: if a company is offering you security “for free,” how are they able to generate a profitable revenue stream? The answer: by charging you an arm and a leg by inflating service or monitoring fees, offering “premium” service subscriptions, not being transparent about upfront or down-the-line costs, and so many more schemes to take your money. We highly suggest investing in a security company that is open about the costs and is willing to work with you when finding the right security for you.

4. Crime isn’t an issue in my area - Do I bother with security?

The answer is always YES! Merely the presence of a security system can deter criminal activity. And remember, there are other kinds of threats that security systems can mitigate to protect you, your employees, assets, and customers. We’re talking about fires, natural disasters, power outages, infrastructure problems, safety compliance, and so much more. Having an expertly designed and installed security system can support your business operations by reducing threats that go beyond crime.

5. Do I even need to prioritize business security during COVID-19?

We understand that business has been slower these days or that maybe your employees are working remotely - but that doesn’t mean you can let security go unchecked. Your security system can also help you in ways you probably didn’t realize it could. For example, you could be using your access control and video surveillance system to ensure your employees and customers are complying with PPE face mask requirements. You could use your cloud-based access control platform to carry out health screenings before your employees and customers enter your business. Don’t quit your security simply because you don’t think you need it right now.

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